Purinergic Signalling Impact Factor in Neuroscience Journals

Purinergic Signalling in Neuroscience Journals

Journal Country: Netherlands
Journal Q tier: Q3
Publishing Firm: Springer Netherlands
History: 2004-2022
Journal Homepage: Not Available
Journal ISSN: 15739538, 15739546

Research Categories

Cell Biology (Q3); Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience (Q3); Molecular Biology (Q3)

Impact Score: 2.66
h-Index: 66
SJR: 0.755
Ranking: 6461

About Purinergic Signalling

Aim and ScopePurinergic Signalling is a new journal launched in response to rapidly growing interest in purinergic signalling, with its exceptionally wide spectrum of signalling functions in health and disease. Coverage includes original articles, reviews, hot topics and controversies, and meeting reports. There is both short-term purinergic signalling in transmission and secretion and long-term (trophic) signalling in controlling cell proliferation, differentiation, motility and death in development and regeneration and there is increasing interest in the roles of purines and pyrimidines in pathophysiological conditions and their therapeutic potential in disease.

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