Molecular Pain Impact Factor in Neuroscience Journals

Molecular Pain in Neuroscience Journals

Journal Country: United Kingdom
Journal Q tier: Q1
Publishing Firm: BioMed Central Ltd.
History: 2005-2022
Journal Homepage: Not Available
Journal ISSN: 17448069

Research Categories

Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine (Q1); Molecular Medicine (Q2); Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience (Q3)

Impact Score: 3.21
h-Index: 93
SJR: 0.824
Ranking: 5719

About Molecular Pain

Aim and ScopeMolecular Pain is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, online journal that considers manuscripts in pain research at the cellular, subcellular and molecular levels.Molecular Pain is a relatively new and rapidly expanding research field that represents an advanced step from conventional pain research. Molecular pain research addresses physiological and pathological pain at the cellular, subcellular and molecular levels. These studies integrate pain research with molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, modern electrophysiology and neurobiology. The field of molecular pain research has been rapidly expanding in the recent years, and has great promise for the identification of highly specific and effective targets for the treatment of intractable pain.

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